If you’ve ever wondered How To Germinate Blue Magoo Seeds, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the Blue Magoo’s origins, taste, smell, and flowering time. Learn how to successfully grow the Blue Magoo strain, whether it’s legal in your state, and more. After reading this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to grow the best buds you’ve ever tasted.

Best Way To Germinate Blue Magoo Seeds

If you’re not sure how to grow the Blue Magoo, you should seek advice from a commercial grower or a friend with experience with the plant. If you’ve had success with this strain before, you can seek his advice and use his clippings to make your own. Using these tips will give your plants a better chance of success and increase their potency and yield. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Blue Magoo plant lineage dates back to the mid-1990s. It has many names and hashish ancestors from DJ Short Blueberry to William’s Wonder F2. These varieties are known for their resinous buds and zigzagging vine-like branches. It is recommended that you grow your Blue Magoo seeds in organic soil. In case you don’t have organic soil, use potting soil or other soil that is enriched with minerals and trace elements.

The Blue Magoo is an elite strain from Oregon. Its sativa and sedative effects make it an ideal choice for medicinal use. It soothes aches and pains and can even help patients with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain. Because of its slow body stone, Blue Magoo is recommended for nighttime use. It can leave you blissful and contented.

The Blue Magoo plant is moderately easy to grow and produces high yields. It is tolerant to several environmental factors, including too much moisture, which can cause bud rot. Blue Magoo is an indica dominant hybrid with a THC content between 16 and 21 percent. It is best grown indoors as it tends to stretch more than most other cannabis strains, so you should consider investing in stakes and supports.

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Besides being an excellent choice for medicinal purposes, the Blue Magoo also has many medical uses. It’s effective for treating pain and chronic stress and has an indica-dominant effect. It also reduces depression and sleepiness. The high produced by this plant is calming and can relieve insomnia. In fact, people who suffer from chronic pain or insomnia will often turn to this strain for relief.

Blue Magoo Strain Origin

The Blue Magoo strain was named after its fruity, sweet smell, which makes it very fruity and sweet. The taste is fruity and sweet, with hints of floral and earth. It can be a delight to smoke or dab, and the earthy undertones provide a satisfying base flavor. It is highly recommended to use a gram or two of this cannabis flower in the first few days after you’ve started using it, but remember to keep in mind its high potency and strong taste.

The flavor of Blue Magoo is fruity, with hints of lavender, star anise, and rose. It has a heavy buzz that starts on top of the head and moves down the neck. The jaw drops as the high kicks in, and the eyes begin to redden. Some users have compared this strain to being a zombie after consuming it. While it does have a strong and pleasant taste, it can be difficult to find the best amount of this strain.

While the Blue Magoo is a well-known strain in the cannabis industry, the lineage is relatively obscure. Its mother plant is DJ Short Blueberry, pollinated by William’s Wonder F2 and is a pure clone. It is so popular, it is difficult to find a mature female Blue Magoo plant. It’s important to remember that the Blue Magoo strain is a clone-only strain, so it must be grown from a female plant.

As a marijuana strain, the Blue Magoo has many medicinal benefits. It is an Indica dominant hybrid and contains a low level of CBD. However, it can still be high in THC, and the THC-to-CBD ratio of this plant can reach 100:1! It also has a sweet berry flavor with an earthy undertone on the exhale. Additionally, it can relieve glaucoma pain, and even induce a relaxing sleep.

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The Blue Magoo strain is an indica dominant hybrid and was developed by combining a legendary cannabis lineage with an infamous F2 phenotype. The Oregon-based breeder Dynasty Seeds took a cut from Blueberry and crossed it with an F2 in a breeding program. The result was an indica-dominant hybrid with a relaxing and narcotic high.

Blue Magoo Taste & Smell

If you’re wondering what the Blue Magoo cannabis strain tastes like, consider its earthy aroma. With blue hues on the buds, it has an aroma that’s similar to blueberries. The mellow, earthy flavor lingers in your mouth, inducing munchies. Its flavor is also very relaxing and calming, so it makes a great choice for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Blue Magoo’s fruity and blueberry aromas come from the parent strain, DJ Short Blueberry. The smoke, however, is more earthy, containing notes of pine and florality. This mellow, tart flavor is reminiscent of the taste of blueberries, while the exhale is accompanied by a piney, earthy aroma. Smoking this weed, however, can be harsh on the throat, and a little bit may not be suitable for those with sensitive throats.

While the Blue Magoo strain is a familiar name to many in the cannabis scene, its parent genetics are relatively unknown. This means it’s harder to obtain and subsequently more expensive than its cousins. Despite its relatively poor reputation, Blue Magoo has managed to make its way through the market, and is now a staple in the cannabis industry. If you’re a fan of blue-tinged weed, you might be pleasantly surprised at how good this strain tastes and smells!

The Blue Magoo is a hybrid cannabis strain, a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud. With its mellow, earthy aroma, and mild, relaxing effects, this strain is an ideal choice for those suffering from chronic pain, mood disorders, and chronic stress. It can also make you sleepy. However, be aware that Blue Magoo can be a bit stronger than other strains.

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Flowering Time For Blue Magoo Strain

Growing the Blue Magoo is rewarding, but it’s not for the inexperienced grower. The bud will need support and a lot of space during the flowering process. You’ll get up to thirteen ounces per square meter if you grow the strain indoors, and its harvest time is approximately seven to eight weeks. The Blue Magoo is not known for its CBD content, but there have been reports of THC levels of over twenty percent in samples from growers.

The Blue Magoo strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis that’s known for its calming and relaxing effects. It takes the best traits of Major League Bud and DJ Short Blueberry, producing a plant with a THC content of 22%. It has pretty green leaves with burnt orange hairs and a dense layer of shining trichomes. The buds have a fruity, berry-like aroma and pleasant floral notes.

The Blue Magoo marijuana strain’s smell is complex and reminiscent of blueberries. It’s fruity and sweet, with earthy undertones. It also has a powerful anesthetic effect, causing an intense, stony head buzz and a sense of complete relaxation. It’s also good for easing mood disorders. It can even help you fall asleep. It’s a great strain to have in your medicine cabinet for those who suffer from chronic pain.

The Blue Magoo marijuana strain has resinous buds with deep orange and purple hues. Its flavor is fruity and piney with a subtle hint of floral notes. Smokers report that it can be harsh on the throat. Blue Magoo is a great plant for social gatherings. It’s not for the novice cannabis consumer. A small amount of this strain will cause munchies, but it’s not enough to put you off from trying it!

The flowering period of the Blue Magoo is 49-56 days. A plant with a final GI of 90 will yield about ten to thirteen ounces of premium dry flower. Those who are not comfortable growing cannabis indoors should grow it outdoors. If you’re planning to grow a Blue Magoo strain indoors, you should plant the seeds at least a month before it’s ready to harvest.

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