Four Way is a hybrid strain with high yields and fast finishing traits. It was developed by crossing Afghan, Mexico, and Columbia genetics over 20 years ago. It features traditional Afghani bud shapes, with a peppery, warm taste and a strong odour. This strain can be harvested late in the fall, for a late harvest. However, you need to be prepared for a short flowering time as the plant will mature rapidly.

Best Way To Germinate Four Way Seeds

Trying to germinate Four Way seeds? There are a few tricks that can help. The first is soaking them in distilled water for at least 24 hours. This can be a home-made solution or you can purchase it at a plant nursery. The pH of the water should be between 5.8 and 6.5, which is close to ideal for seed germination. After soaking the seeds for 24 hours, place them in moist soil.

Soil needs to be moist and warm for the seeds to germinate. A misting bottle is also a helpful tool for evenly moistening the soil. It prevents over-watering the seeds or soaking them. It’s also important to place a second plate over the pot to keep the soil moist and prevent seedlings from floating. The seeds should sprout one sprout per side. If they don’t, you can remove them and try again later.

Another way to tell if the seeds are good or bad is to look at the quality of the seed. A seed with light streaks is likely to be old and not a good quality one. A seed with darker colors has a good chance of germinating. Seeds that are wrinkled or cracked are not good choices. You can’t judge a seed by its color; you need to look at the condition of the seed.

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Germination can take a few hours to a few days. The most important factor for successful germination is maintaining a moderate temperature. Seeds that are too dry will never open. Check your paper towel daily for signs of germination and spray as needed. When you find a seed with roots, you can plant it in a pot with potting soil and water it until it is saturated. You can also use a tweezers to gently pick up seeds if they are too fragile.

Germination of Four Way seeds is much easier when they’re grown in soil instead of water. Growing cannabis seeds in soil instead of paper is safer because fragile roots appear at the start. To plant the seeds in soil, first poke the seeds into the ground a few millimeters deep. Carefully cover the seeds with soil. Then add some water to the soil to keep it moist. Then watch your plant sprout and roots push through the ground.

Four Way Strain Origin

The Four Way Strain is a potent hybrid of landrace strains from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Its potent THC and CBD content is between 15 and 20%, and it offers a heavy body buzz with a subtle skunk aroma. While it is an indica dominant strain, it also produces a nice balance of THC and CBD, creating a pleasant and soothing experience for the user. Known to be especially effective for pain relief, Four Way is a great choice for patients looking for a mellow, relaxing high.

This indica-dominant strain produces dense, sticky buds. The flavor is earthy, with strong notes of black pepper and spices. The smoke from Four Way marijuana is earthy and has a mild skunky flavor. It is an excellent choice for marijuana lovers who want to produce their own hash. Regardless of its name, it will make your next trip to the bar a success! But don’t expect to find this strain at your local store or online!

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Fortunately, Four Way seeds have many benefits. The marijuana plants they produce are fast-flowering, resinous, and sweet, and many of them have high THC. They also produce a unique mother plant. They can also be grown indoors. Four Way is an early multiple-hybrid variety that can be grown indoors or outdoors. While it may not be available as feminized seeds, it was a popular choice for breeding. The strain was an early success of several programs designed to create stable, multiple-hybrid cannabis. The intensive breeding projects worked with complicated gene pools that stacked desirable traits from a variety of parents.

Four Way marijuana has a Sativa/Indica genetic makeup. Nirvana Seeds genetically selected the Four Way marijuana strain, which grows into a medium-sized plant. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, in greenhouses, or hydroponically. Four Way has an easy-to-grow habit, producing a smooth smoke and a light, relaxing high. Four Way marijuana grows to about 60 cm tall, and it resembles Indica with its medium-length, bushy leaves. The Four Way is recommended for nighttime use.

Four Way Taste & Smell

When it comes to cannabis strains, Four Way has a lot of desirable qualities. It is fast-growing, resilient, and produces dense, sticky buds. The strain was created to be used as a template for crossbreeding, so it is important to know about crossbreeding before selecting this strain. It is a popular choice among those who suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. But it is important to remember that this strain is a hybrid and will not produce the same results when grown alone.

This marijuana strain was developed in the 1980s by selecting stable genetics and best qualities. The four parents included Skunk #1, Afghani, and Pakistani cultivars. These seeds promise massive buds, fast growing characteristics, and great flavour and effects. Sensi Seeds created Four-Way by crossing three Middle Eastern landrace strains. The hybrid produces buds with a unique blend of terpenes. Its smoke is smooth and produces a light, body high.

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Flowering Time For Four Way Strain

The Flowering Time For Four Way Strain depends on several factors. For one, this strain requires a hot climate for optimal flowering. This strain can flower in 45 to 60 days. This phenotype has resinous and sweet flowers. The plant grows to an average height. The Four Way cannabis plant requires plenty of room around each seed, but does not need much attention during flowering. Four Way is highly recommended for growers who are accustomed to growing Indica strains, especially if you want to enjoy its full flavor.

The Flowering Time For Four Way Strain varies depending on the phenotype. Four-Way Regular is a popular hybrid due to its short flowering time. Four-Way plants will produce multiple harvests per year, and their compact size makes them easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Moreover, Four-Way plants have medium, short, and dense leaves. Moreover, the Four-Way strain produces a strong, relaxing, and head-buzz.

The final stages of flowering are weeks six, seven, and eight. By this point, the buds are firm, dense, and covered in trichomes. The trichomes should transition from clear to milky white and even amber in some cases. To verify this, you can use a magnifying glass. At the same time, the pistils continue to grow darker and more dense. If the flowers are too dense, they are ready for harvest.

Four-Way Regular cannabis seeds are 80% indica and 20% sativa. These seeds are the result of carefully breeding. Four-Way Regular has the genetics of four Indica-famous countries: India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The result is a hybrid strain that combines the best of each of these countries, producing mother plants that are unique to each individual. These mother plants are ideal for making hash or other cannabis concentrates.

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