1 pack (10 seeds): 60.99$

Seed Type
SexIndica dominant
Indoor flowering9-12 weeks
Indoor yield
TasteFruity, Citrus, Tropical
Euphoric, Powerful, Relaxing

Mandarine Punch Auto is a feminized and autoflowering variety, born by crossing Maple Leaf Indica x White Widow x NYC Diesel x Hindu Kush.

It is 60% indica, 20% sativa and 20% rudelaris whose influences are evident in taste and effects. Being feminized it is easy to grow since you do not have to eliminate males and its autoflowering character makes it suitable for all types of climates , even cold climates.

The plants are short and compact , with a flowering time of 9 weeks (63 days). It has a thick central stem and a large lateral branching. Being autoflowering, you can get good yields.

Its indica part is seen with deeply relaxing effects along with the euphoric and creative sensation typical of sativas.

The aroma is sweet and citrus , more intense as the harvest approaches. The taste is of tropical and sweet fruit.

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