1 pack (10 seeds): 74.50$

Seed Type
SexSativa dominant
Indoor Flowering9-12 weeks
Indoor yield
High average
Outdoor yield
High average
Fruity, Acid
EffectsEuphoric, Social

Sensi Amnesia 100% feminized is a cross between Hawaiian Indica x Afghani x Jamaican Pearl.

It is 65% sativa and 35% indica , with a sativa dominance evident in its cerebral and euphoric effect, followed by more conversation and socializing. An easy plant to grow in any climate , although for best results it is recommended to grow in a temperate climate . Being feminised all seeds will be female, so you don’t have to eliminate male plants and you can grow it in any location as well as indoors. 

Flowering time is longer than average, approximately 10 weeks . 

With a moderate height, indoors it reaches 120cm, outdoors, growing in soil, it can reach 200cm. They are conical in shape, with compact buds forming on the stem and side branches. 

With good care, you can get quite productive harvests. 

The effect is euphoric, uplifting and cerebral, typical of sativas, accompanied by the relaxation of the indica side. 

The aroma is strong and tropical, with hints of citrus and spice and dank, earthy indica notes. The flavors are very similar to the aroma, reminiscent of the Haze family.

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