1 pack (10 seeds): 55.99$

Seed Type
SexIndica dominant
Flowering time
Indoor yield
TasteCitrus, Sweet

An excellent choice for novices who don’t want to miss out on a powerful high.

The thick buds of this indica-heavy hybrid leave no doubt: Sensi Skunk Regular is potent enough to bring a smile to the face of even hardened weed smokers. The calm yet euphoric high delivers a deeply relaxed effect. Tired muscles make a quick recovery. Very few users report severe hunger attacks – the munchies.
European Skunk variants are praised for having a sweeter, less sharp flavour than their North American counterparts. We wanted to build on these attributes; our breeders have successfully captured the sugary citrus scent that makes a refreshing change from ordinary “Skunk Funk”. The result is a sweet, citrus flavour with an earthy and dry undertone.

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